Noteworthy Current Cases

The following cases represent some high-profile cases the firm is presently prosecuting

Medical Malpractice – (Complaint filed in April of 2021)

Plaintiff, a 34-year-old asymptomatic female, with elevated liver enzyme levels, was advised that she needed a liver biopsy due to an allegedly abnormal ultrasound that was, in fact, normal. Defendants were aware that plaintiff was on various medications that could have been the cause of her elevated liver enzymes but did not tell her that she could merely stop taking the medications to see if her liver enzyme levels returned to normal. Defendants then negligently performed an unnecessary liver biopsy that has caused plaintiff a severe chronic and permanent pain syndrome.

Medical Malpractice – (Complaint filed March of 2021)

Plaintiff, a 64-year-old healthy male, injured his back while playing volleyball and went to an emergency room. The emergency room staff misread the CT Scan that was performed and failed to identify a herniated disc at the proper level. The staff then failed to conduct a timely MRI in order to evaluate his back condition. His condition deteriorated and surgery was not performed in a timely manner. As a result of the negligence of the physicians who treated and cared for him, he now is wheelchair dependent and partially paralyzed.

Pedestrian/Trucking Collision – Wrongful Death and Survival Action (Complaint Filed March of 2021)

Plaintiff, a 35-year-old male truck driver, was walking around his semi-trailer at a loading dock when he was hit by a semi-trailer. Plaintiff died at the scene and is survived by three minor-aged children.

Medical Malpractice- Death Case (Complaint Filed January of 2021)

Plaintiff, a Cook County employee, went to a suburban emergency room on the recommendation of her primary care physician. Upon arrival, she reported a 24-hour history of severe abdominal pain and was admitted with a diagnosis of pancreatitis. After continued abdominal pain and abnormal laboratory values, plaintiff had an abdominal CT scan which showed multiple pseudo-aneurysms. During the next five-day period, no angiogram was performed until plaintiff suffered a hypotensive event five days later and died that day from multiple pseudo-aneurysms that resulted in hemorrhagic shock.

Medical Malpractice- Double Death Case (Complaint Filed July of 2020)

A young employed mother of two minor children who was 35 weeks pregnant went to a local Chicago hospital with complaints of back pain. Emergency room physicians diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection, had a culture done on her urine, and gave her a general antibiotic to treat the infection. She had two follow-up emergency room visits in the following eight days where physicians did not review her test results and continued to treat her with a generic antibiotic that was not the proper antibiotic to treat the type of bacterial infection that she had. Ten days after her initial emergency room visit, she suffered cardiac arrest due to kidney failure and she and her unborn child died. The urinary tract infection was determined to be her cause of death.

Nursing Home Act Case – Fall by Elderly Woman in Nursing Home (Complaint Filed 2020)

In 2019, plaintiff, an elderly female, with neurological deficits and a history of falling, was under the supervision of a Chicago-based nursing home when she was left unattended in her room in her wheelchair and fell onto the ground when she tried to get in bed. She suffered a fractured hip. The nursing home staff had previously been instructed to put her in bed, but never did: she remained on the ground for a prolonged period of time.

Medical Malpractice–(Complaint filed 2020)

Plaintiff, a middle-aged farmer, cut his leg while working on his farm. He was transported to a local hospital and was discharged without being prescribed any antibiotics despite having a fever. His wound was infected at the time of discharge and the infection spread and developed into sepsis resulting in loss of aspects of his leg and knee. He required multiple surgeries thereafter and suffers from permanent damages to his leg.

Personal Injury (Complaint filed 2019)

Over Fourth of July weekend, plaintiff, a married female, suffered a devastating injury caused by a tent that was not properly secured on a beach and flew up and hit her in the face. Plaintiff suffered significant facial and eye injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accident (2019)

Plaintiff, an NFL executive, was sitting at a traffic light when he was suddenly rear-ended by a minivan. Plaintiff suffered serious injury to his lower back and right leg.

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