Snow and Ice Removal Act

We’ve all had those scary instances where we step on a patch of snow or ice, slip, and fall!  What may come as a surprise to you, property owners are not required to remove ice and snow from their owned property under Illinois’ Snow and Ice Removal Act. This law gives immunity to landowners who do nothing to address the snowfall or ice. However: landowners still owe a duty of care not to create an unnatural accumulation of snow and ice which might increase risk to others. Put another way, if the landowner attempts to remove snow and/or ice and does so negligently, then this creates a duty to victims injured by the unnatural accumulation. Further, if the landowner has an agreement with a company to remove the snow or ice, and it is done negligently, the Illinois’ Snow and Ice Removal Act does not apply to the company with whom the landowner contracted.  If you slip and fall on snow or ice while on someone else’s property, contact my law firm as we can advise you of your rights.