Being Safe on Vacation: Can Alcohol Impact Liability?

A common concern is how circumstances on vacation, especially where alcohol is involved, might be grounds for a lawsuit. Illinois has a law about making alcohol available at social events, where the person hosting and providing the alcohol may have exposure to liability. There is “social host liability” where the host has responsibilities for their guests’ actions if they leave the party intoxicated which results in harm or damage to another person. If you are hosting a party, it may be worth hiring trained servers that can recognize intoxicated guests, provide alternative transportation, and limit consumption of guests to protect yourself from liability. Additionally, if you are injured by an intoxicated person, other individuals may also be responsible for that person’s behavior that led to your injury. It is important when hosting and attending functions during the summer to be aware of alcohol consumption and the liabilities it may lead to. If you have any questions on who may be responsible for the harm you received as a result of a person being intoxicated, please contact our law firm.