$1.1M Medical Malpractice Settlement against Nurse Practitioner for Ankle Injury

Our office settled the case of a middle-aged female whose incorrect ankle injury diagnosis by a Nurse Practitioner caused her to suffer a more significant and severe injury. After a car crash, the plaintiff made an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon but when she arrived at the office a Nurse Practitioner saw her. The Nurse Practitioner misdiagnosed her with an ankle sprain and allowed the plaintiff to continue to bear weight and perform activities. The plaintiff’s pain in her ankle continued to worsen which was odd for a sprain. An actual physician only saw the plaintiff once during the year as her care was assigned to a Nurse Practitioner. Eventually, the plaintiff sought a second opinion from a different orthopedic surgeon who immediately diagnosed her as having a fracture at the time of the car crash. She required several surgeries to repair the damage done by the misdiagnosis. Fortunately, our law firm was able to help this victim of medical malpractice. After the plaintiff’s deposition was taken, the case was settled for over $1.1 million. Nurse Practitioner malpractice is unfortunately commonplace. If you feel as a patient that you should be seen by a physician, do not allow your care and treatment to be assumed exclusively by a nurse practitioner who does not have the knowledge, experience, and training of a physician. If you believe you have been injured as a result of medical malpractice, please contact our law firm for a consultation.