Toxic Chemicals Found in Illinois Water Supply

A recent investigation has revealed that more than 8 million Illinoisians get their drinking water from a water utility in which concerning levels of toxic chemicals have been detected. In 2020, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency began testing the state’s water facilities for PFAS, a group of toxic chemicals commonly referred to as “forever chemicals” because they never break down in the environment. PFAS are found in nearly every kind of product: food containers, cosmetics, furniture, insulation, and farmland treatments, to name a few. Even a small concentration of PFAS in drinking water can cause testicular and kidney cancer, birth defects, liver damage, fertility issues, and immune disorders; they are also linked to a host of other medical concerns. More than 6,400 PFAS-related lawsuits have been filed since 2005, primarily against two large manufacturers. However, since 2020, the landscape of defendants has expanded as the public has become more aware of the dangers of PFAS. Plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against companies whose products contain PFAS, as well as companies who have released PFAS into the environment, such as in the water supply. A pending multidistrict lawsuit against producer 3M will provide a test case for lawsuits against PFAS producers for the contamination of ground and drinking water. If you have been injured as a result of exposure to PFAS, please contact our law firm.