Safe Riding Practices for Bicyclists and Motorcycles

Staying safe on the road should be a priority for all road-travelers, but those who ride a bicycle or motorcycle have to take extra steps to ensure that they get from point A to point B without injury. Namely, bicyclists and motorcyclists need to wear a helmet when on the road. Illinois is one of only three states without a mandatory helmeting law for motorcyclists. However, just because wearing a helmet isn’t mandatory that doesn’t mean you should forgo this extra layer of safety. Helmets are key in preventing head trauma, permanent brain damage, or death. Additionally, the rise of convenient bike rental services has put more bicyclists on the road and many of these cyclists do not wear a helmet when they ride. While these companies may not require a helmet, the same benefits from using one apply. Wearing a helmet, whether on a bike or a motorcycle, reduces the risk of serious head injury. Take the extra step to put on a helmet so you can avoid serious injury.

If you are injured in a bicycle or motorcycle collision, please call our law firm to discuss the matter.